There are three disciplines shot at the North Star range, home of the SPRA, 6 miles east of the town of Nokomis, SK.

The original, Target Rifle (TR), is shot with peep sights, a heavy leather jacket and a sling. TR is restricted to two calibers, .223 (5.56MM) and 308. The The maximum bullet weight shall be 156 grains for the 308 Win and 81g for the 223. This rifle has no restrictions regarding weight of the rifle or trigger, However, the trigger must be safe.

The new comer, FClass is divided into two sub-disciplines:

  •   FClass Target Rifle (FTR), is shot supported, off a bi-pod as the front support and a rear bag is used to support the rifle at the rear, and like TR, you restricted to either a .223 (5.56MM) or a 308, but with a rifle scope. The weight of the rifle, including all its attachments, is 8.25 KG or 18lb 3 oz
  •   FOpen (FO), is any caliber, with a rifle scope. It may be shot supported, like FTR, but you can use either the bi-pod like FTR, or a front rest. The weight of the rifle, including all its attachments, is 10 KG or 22lb 1 oz

For more information, such as the types used today and the rules that apply to these types of rifles, see the rule book section on our site.